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Harkara.* In accordance with, the arrangements made by
Your Highness, I was remaining in the presence of Rama-
raja,t the lord of Karnataka and the southern countries until
Vaigakha, ba.? 8 of the year Baktaksi corresponding to year
I486 of the Salivahana Saka.
It lately happened in these parts that a mahald&r of Alii
Adula Łahu, who brought letters from his master, having stood
at the main gate, informed the king (through a messenger) of
his arrival. Having had this ^information, brought to his
favourable attention? the king ordered his dafavwj* whom he
summoned to his presence, thus: " Make arrangements for
lodging the (malialdar} of Alii Adula Salm in the Luanda Mahal
which is outside tk&jasoti cacadi and liazara cavadi J; pay Mm
(money) for his expenses as suited to his position, and attend
to his needs/* On receiving this order the dalavay*$ messen-
ger (whom he deputed; brought (the tnahaldar), according to
the royal order, to the Luanda Mahal where he lodged him, and
having paid for his expenses 'money) aa suited to his status,
attended to his needs. (The messenger) after carrying out his
instructions returned (to the court) and communicated to the
king everything.
The mahaldar, having taken rest during that night in the
3.nanda Mahal woke up betimes next morning, washed his
hands and face, and said his prayers. Then he reflected, " As
the king did not summon me at once to his presence to receive
the letters of my master, he treated (me) with indifference; but
I must not say anything at present 5 if I talk much, my self-
respect will be lost. I am but a weak servant.§ It is desirable
* 'Raaaajee Harracarra' 7.0Jtf. (^Mackenzie Coltctii*n \ laiia Office Mss. No. X*
English tr. of the BafchaJr p. 157. It -will b« referred to hereafter at I.O.M^ HarkSr*
meams a mestenf sr.
f RSmuSja. is referred to by his name only in three places in the ebroniel* \ he
iff generally spoken of as RajjtbbTlrara. throughout this work.
+ 'Ordered him to lodge the mahaldZr in the Xnanda Mahal near Chaiuc
peshhaiara (IQ.M.,?. 15*7). JZttti rtv^i i< tho oŁ6ce of the spies. &**Mr* &vo& is
the office rf the audience hall.
§ He was bat the servant of a low maa,—/.(X^., p, 158.